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You Are Your Power

I tell myself 'I'm no writer, I am creative' but who says I need to be a wordsmith to write a blog post on MY website about MY small business. That's right, this is my business and I get to drive it however I want. I have the POWER!

I am sure 'You are your Power' means many things to different people and that's great. I thought it would be good for me to write down what it means to me so people get an understanding of me and this brand.

I want my daughter to grow up and feel like she has power over her own life, power to make change, power to lead, power over what she wears and who she surrounds herself with, whatever the power I want her to know it's hers. 

But this definitely isn't specific to girls (that's another blog post!), this is to empower the next generation that they can go out there and be anything they want... obviously I hope it's going to be something positive and not some sort of criminal activity!! In all seriousness I just want to spread the word and offer anyone a little bit of well needed empowerment... women, men, mums, dads, grandparents, old, young, unborn... EVERYONE!

I am not saying that all we need is some belief in this unseen power and all our dreams will come true. Most things we want to achieve will take dedication, time, hard work, compromise and quite often a little bit of luck! But let's all believe in ourselves and this power that we all hold within ourselves.

And if all you want to do with that power is to find time to sit on the sofa watching Netflix with a hot cuppa tea then use your power to achieve just that! We don't all need to be moving mountains (see what I did there) that would be exhausting, I have days where I use all my power to just get through the day without tears and that is totally cool.

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